How long does it take to have an order made?

As all of our orders are custom made, orders typically take 10 working days to produce. If you need them more quickly than this it doesn’t hurt to ask. Depending on how busy we are we may be able to produce them more quickly, though we may need to add on a rush surcharge. If we are too busy at any time, this might not be an option.

Do you have stock items or anything that can be purchased off the shelf?

We make to order, though occasionally we have jobs that go uncollected before the logo is applied. If you are flexible on style and colour then we may have something for you. We also always keep a small number of A5 Boot Leather menus with elastic down the spine on hand in black.

Do you make wooden menus?

Watch this space! We are working on a line of wooden menus.

What is the minimum order?

We technically do not have a minimum order. We will make as few as one however the price per unit will be significantly higher. To get any sort of bulk price, an order over 20 is advised.

How do I keep the menus clean?

For buckram, faux leather and boot leather, a wipe down with a damp cloth should be sufficient.
For linen, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Because it does not have a coating, oil and grease will stain the menus.

How should the menus be stored?

Menus should ideally be stored side by side, not stacked. Stacking the covers can cause the spines to wear over time, dirt to become pressed into the cover, and if using plastic pockets, the print to rub off onto the plastic.

Which menus use plastic pockets or sleeves?

Any menu that uses chicago screws or a ring metal can be made to house plastic pockets. This includes If you need the menu to be made to size of a plastic pocket please be sure to let us know when ordering. Plastic pockets are larger than the sheet size they accept, so any covers made for an A4 sheet will not be big enough for an A4 plastic pocket.

I love the linens.  Should I use them for menus covers?

This is a tough decision. We have customers that regularly order and reorder menus made in linen. This is with the acceptance that they will get dirty and there is not much to be done.  Depending on your clientele and the lifespan you expect from the menus, this material might not be the best choice.

Can I scotch guard the linens?

Yes you can however this is not a service we provide. In side by side tests we have found it does not make a noticeable difference.